At Global 21st Century Group, Inc. our goal is to assist our clients in utilizing assets that were previously abandoned.  Through our network of escheator contacts we can quickly identify assets that belong to our clients prior to them being escheated.  We can also help our clients meet search requirements as legally required by jurisdictions. 

Our services at a glance:

  • Analysis of the current situation and the need for action
  • Developing reporting to meet legal search requirements
  • Support in implementing the reporting requirements

Pre-Escheatment Matching Solution  (PEMS)

Through various client projects we came to realize how inter-connected the Financial industry still is and how beneficial a clearing house for pre-escheated assets would be.   Firms are retaining pre-escheated assets from one to three years.


Global 21st Century Group, Inc.'s Pre-Escheatment Matching Solution (PEMS) will be a mechanism to reconnect firms with those assets and put their capital to use. 

PEMS will be:

  • Pre-escheatment process
  • Comprised of contractual members
  • Allowing for automated matching of member assets
  • Directed by Global 21st Century Group, Inc.