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Most individuals are not even aware that they have unclaimed assets due them. There many scenarios that can cause an asset to go out of control of its rightful owner, ranging from as simple as an incorrect mailing address or as complex as a corporate reorganization.


All types of financial assets may become unclaimed. Some of the more common financial assets to be unclaimed and turned over to state governments are as follows:


  • Securities related assets (Financial markets transactions)
  • Dormant Checking/Savings Accounts
  • Insurance policy proceeds
  • Uncashed checks (Corporate, Municipal, Utilities, etc)


State governements are currently holding almost $50 Billion of unclaimed assets, 90% of which will remain unclaimed!!

Global 21st Century Group, Inc. has been involved in asset recovery since 1971. Our expertise had been mostly focused on the financial community, working with institutions to recover assets that had been lost and/or written off their books and records.


As the volume of uncontrolled items for individuals has grown in recent years, we have incorporated a program to help people recover their assets.


We apply our expertise in brokerage and banking operations to locate all related assets that a person may have outstanding.


We research all leads to make sure that any related individuals may be contacted and that items that should have been added to family estates are rightfully returned.